Let's Build A City Together

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Welcome to the community. This is the start of your journey as a city planner and designer. The aim of this module is to bring you through the entire process of designing, building and managing a city, not as an individual, but as a team.

This Wiki is the platform on which you and your friends will collaborate and work together to test out your hypothesis about city planning, building and management. Draw conclusions and together build a thriving city in which the citizens are happy and secure.

Your schedule for this module is as follows:


Lesson Flow

  • Introduction to Segment One
  • Introduction to Investigation Projects
  • Working on group's investigation projects
  • Working on group's report for investigation projects
  • Individual reflection on investigation projects
  • Post at least one feedback to a friend's reflection
  • Introduction to Segment Two
  • Start preliminary work on Segment Two
  • Work on Segment Two
  • Work on Presentation for Segment Two
  • Reflection on problems encountered when working on Segment Two
  • Post at least one feedback to a friend's reflection
  • Read and respond to teacher's feedback on students' work
You can access the Resource page to have a better understanding of why you are doing this module, and get extra information and help that you need to complete your work.

The Assessment tab will bring you to the Assessment rubrics. You may use the Assessment rubrics to guide you in your report writing and planning.

Segment One

Your journey must begin on Segment One. Click on Segment One on the side bar, and proceed as directed. Enjoy your journey of discovery and learning!

Segment Two

You will now progress to Segment Two. Remember to post your presentations. Enjoy!

Segment One

Segment Two